Yard of the Month 2016

Yard of the Month Winners for 2016!

Yard of the Month for June:  Florence Dos–413 E South 3rd Street.

Yard of the Month for July:  Brooke and Bryan Stevens–301 E South 1st Street

Yard of the Month for August:  Penny and Jim Smallwood–205 E South 1st Street

Yard-of-the-Month Winners for 2015

Yard of the Month for June 2015–Julie and David Bernstein–105 E. North Second.  July–Debbie Wagner–501 WN 2nd.  August–Sonya and Art Jay–102 E N 3rd.

Contest winners for 2014:

June–Sarah and Todd Perry–103 E N 3rd
July–Sue and Allen Wildman–201 N. Vine
August–Julie and Mike Tucker–103 S. Wright

Contest Winners for 2013:
June–Margaret Bolin, 201 S. Wright
July–Betty & George Perry, 105 W. N. 2nd
August–Ron& Nedra Hash, 203 N. Vine
September–Kay & Lee Roney, 403 E. Division
October–Debra Parsley, 305 E. Division